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Cascade Climber is a game made for the 104th Mini Game Jam. It's probably not too much, cause this is my first Game Jam. Anyways, I hope you can enjoy it.


Cascade Climber.rar 24 MB

Install instructions

Cascade Climber is a arcade game made for the 104th Mini Game Jam. If you have any issue, please let me know, and thanks for the patience.

---- Requirements -----

-Python3.8 (This game was made with python 3.8 so you will need it for running the project)

---- Executing the Game ----

Once you downloaded the compressed file ("Cascade Climber.rar") uncompress it and it will leave a folder with the same name. Inside, you will find an executable with the same name again ("Cascade Climber.exe"). To run the game, you need to execute that file inside of the project folder where it is, but if you want to move it, you will need to create first a shortcut which you can move anywhere you want.

I'm very new in this game making world so let me know any issue you find, it will help me improve.

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